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Animal Nightlife - Mr. Solitaire 12''

Animal Nightlife
Mr. Solitaire 12''
Disco Acid Jazz Synthpop


01.Mr. Solitaire (Extended Version)
02.Lazy Afternoon

     Animal Nightlife was a British male vocal/instrumental group in the 1980s. It consisted of Andy Polaris on vocals, Leonardo Chignoli on bass, Flid on guitar, Billy Chapman on saxophone, Michael "Mac" McDermott on percussion, and Paul Waller on drums.

     Band members

Andy Polaris: vocals (1980–1988)
Sally Gissing: vocals (1980–1981)
Lynn Harding: vocals (1980–1981)
Leah Seresin: vocals (1981–1983)
Chrysta Jones: vocals (1981–1983)
Billy Chapman: saxophone (1980–1988)
Declan John Barclay: trumpet (1980–1983)
Steve 'Fild' Brown: guitar (1980–1988)
Steve Shanley: bass (1980–1983)
Leonardo Chignoli: bass (1984–1988)
Michael 'Mac' McDermott: percussion (1980–1983)
Marc 'Yellowcoat' Kingman: Backing Vocals (Occasional)
Paul Waller: drums (1980–1986)

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