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Bon Jovi - Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi
Hard Rock Glam Metal


1. "Runaway"  
2. "Roulette"  
3. "She Don't Know Me"  
4. "Shot Through The Heart"  
5. "Love Lies"  
6. "Breakout"  
7. "Burning for Love"  
8. "Come Back"  
9. "Get Ready"

     Bon Jovi is the debut album from American rock band Bon Jovi, released January 21, 1984. Produced by Tony Bongiovi and Lance Quinn, the album is significant for being the only Bon Jovi album on which a song ("She Don't Know Me") appears that was not written or co-written by members of the band. The album charted at #43 on The Billboard 200.
     Aside from hit single "Runaway", songs from the album were rarely performed live after the band released their breakthrough album Slippery When Wet in 1986. However, on the band's current Circle Tour, songs including "Roulette", "Shot Through the Heart", and "Get Ready" have been performed.
     The album was ranked the 11th best rock album of 1984 by Kerrang! magazine.
     In 1980, Jon Bon Jovi started to work at Power Station Studios, a Manhattan recording facility where his cousin, Tony Bongiovi, was a co-owner. Jon Bon Jovi made several demos and sent them out to many record companies, but failed to make an impact.
     In 1982, Jon Bon Jovi went to local radio station WAPP 103.5FM "The Apple". DJ Chip Hobart listened to Jon's demos and loved "Runaway", deciding to include it on the station's compilation album of local homegrown talent. The studio musicians who helped record "Runaway" were known as The All Star Review. They were: guitarist Tim Pierce, keyboardist Roy Bittan, drummer Frankie LaRocka, bassist Hugh McDonald, and additional singers David Grahmme and Mick Seeley
The song began to get airplay around New York. Jon signed to Mercury Records, part of the PolyGram company. Jon Bon Jovi wanted a group name and the A&R staff at PolyGram came up with Bon Jovi
     In March 1983 Bon Jovi called David Bryan (then Rashbaum), who in turn called bassist Alec John Such and an experienced drummer named Tico Torres. At that time Bon Jovi's lead guitarist was Dave Sabo (a.k.a. The Snake), who later formed the group Skid Row. Dave Sabo was eventually replaced by Richie Sambora.
     The band recorded the album (originally titled "Tough Talk" but renamed it after the record company decided it was wiser to issue the album as a self titled release) at Power Station Studios and produced by Tony Bongiovi and Lance Quinn. Most of the songs are written by Jon Bon Jovi, David Bryan, and Richie Sambora. "Burning For Love" and "Come Back" were the very first songs written for the album. Three singles were released from the album, "Runaway", "She Don't Know Me" and in Japan only, "Burning For Love".

Jon Bon Jovi – lead vocals, guitar
Richie Sambora – guitar, background vocals
Alec John Such – bass, background vocals
Tico Torres – drums, percussion
David Bryan (credited as David Rashbaum) – keyboards, background vocals
     Additional personnel
Roy Bittan – keyboards
Chuck Burgi - additional drums
David Grahmme - background vocals
Doug Katsaros - additional keyboards
Frankie La Rocka – drums
Hugh McDonald – bass
Aldo Nova - additional guitar, additional keyboards
Tim Pierce – guitar
Mick Seeley - background vocals

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