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Michael Cretu - The Invisible Man

Michael Cretu
The Invisible Man


A1 Samurai   5:13
A2 Carte Blanche  3:23
A3 Silver Water  4:40
A4 Your Favorite Toy 3:24
B1 Intro    2:28
B2 Mikado     3:13
B3 Coda   0:59
B4 Heavy Traffic   4:54
B5 The Invisible Man 5:01

     Michael Cretu born 18 May, 1957, Bucharest, is a Romanian musician. He is known also as Curly, MC or Curly M.C. because of his fair curled hair (creț means "curly" in Romanian). His peak musical activity was with the Enigma project, which was mainly based in Germany.

     Cretu's third solo album was titled Die Chinesische Mauer and was released in 1985. The literal English translation is The Chinese Wall. Like his previous album, this had German-language lyrics, was sung by Michael, co-produced by Armand Volker and Michael Cretu. This album was also released as a separate album with English-language lyrics and a different track listing under the name The Invisible Man. Several of the tracks on The Invisible Man were edited slightly and, therefore, was different length than the German-language versions on Die Chinesische Mauer. This featured the song "Samurai," which became a minor hit.

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