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Zerra I - Rain (Remix) 12''

Zerra I
Rain (Remix) 12''
New Wave Rock


Rain (Remix)
The Other Side

     Founded in 1982 by the core duo of Paul Bell (keyboards/vocals, ex Lookalikes) from Wexford and guitarist Grimmo AKA Andreas Grimminger AKA Andrias O'Gruama, later Cathal Coughlan's right hand man in Fatima Mansions. They were joined by Adrian Wyatt on bass. Another ex Lookalike Mike Mesbur played drums on the first demo. He was replaced by Korda Marshall in 1983, yielding the most stable lineup. Alison Kelly provided cello.
     The early singles are interesting but as they developed their sound became a bombastic U2-meets-Psychedelic Furs which will not be to everyone's tastes. To make matters worse, Todd Rundgren produced the debut LP, emphasising all the worst aspects of the music. The second album is more balanced and makes better use of synths and is all the better for echoes (sorry) of Echo & The Bunnymen but there are still too many grandiose anthems. The artwork for their Mercury releases is consistently bad too.
     Paul Bell (extreme left above) later formed a duo called Wild Swans (later just Swans) with Brendan Wade of Cry Before Dawn. Andreas Grimminger fronted his own band The Baby's Head before joining Fatima Mansions. Korda Marshall later worked in A&R and ran Infectious Records.

Paul Bell - vocals/keyboards
Andreas Grimminger - guitar
Adrian Wyatt - bass
Mike Mesbur - drums

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