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Michael Cretu - Legionäre

Michael Cretu


1 Legionäre
2 Total Normal
3 Spiel Auf Zeit
4 Frau Aus Stein
5 Goldene Jahre
6 Zeitlose Reise
7 Data-Alpha-4
8 Karawanen
9 Der Planet Der Verlorenen Zeit

     Michael Cretu, born 18 May, 1957, Bucharest, is a Romanian musician. He is known also as Curly, MC or Curly M.C. because of his fair curled hair (creț means "curly" in Romanian). His peak musical activity was with the Enigma project, which was mainly based in Germany.
     He worked with many musicians along his career. The first one to mention is his future wife Sandra Lauer (Sandra Cretu from marriage in 1988), musician Peter Cornelius, guitar player Manfred Thiers and Jens Gad, Frank Peterson, David Fairstein, D.J André Tanneberger (from the A.T.B. Music Poject), Peter Ries, singer Ruth-Ann Boyle & Andru Donalds, latter one produced the single Mishale in 1995.
     In 2002, Crocodile-Music, Cretu's management company stated 100 million Cretu-produced records had been sold worldwide. By the year 2008, Michael Cretu's Enigma project had sold over 50 million studio albums according to his official site.
     He owns A.R.T. Studios, a recording studio facility located near the resort on the Balearic Islands, where he lived with his wife and their two teenagers, Nikita and Sebastian born in 1995. He and Sandra divorced in 2007. Cretu has been reported as living in Germany since that time.
     Cretu's second solo album, titled Legionaire, was released in 1983, also in English and German versions. This album had German-language lyrics and was sung by Michael. It was co-produced and supervised by Harald Steinhauer and mastered by Armand Volker.

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