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Baltimora - Survivor In Love

Survivor In Love
Italo Disco Synthpop


1. "Key Key Karimba"  
2. "Global Love" (featuring Linda Wesley)
3. "Jimmy's Guitar"  
4. "Come on Strike"  
5. "Set Me Free"  
6. "Survivor in Love"  
7. "Call Me in the Heart of the Night"  
8. "Eye to Eye"

     Baltimora were an Italian Synthpop Italo-Disco outfit active in the mid to late 1980s. The group comprised Jimmy McShane (frontman/vocals), Maurizio Bassi (keyboards, vocals), Giorgio Cocilovo (lead guitar), Claudio Bazzari (rhythm guitar), Pier Michelatti (bass guitar) and Gabriele Melotti (drums). They are best known for their 1985 hit single "Tarzan Boy".
     Jimmy McShane, from Derry in Northern Ireland, was the frontman of the group. Some sources state lead vocals were performed by Maurizio Bassi (with Jimmy actually providing the backing vocals), including lead vocals on their biggest hit "Tarzan Boy" despite the fact that McShane lip synched while appearing in the "Tarzan Boy" music video and not Bassi, who was also the group's keyboardist although this still remains uncertain. Both the music and the lyrics of Baltimora were written mostly by Bassi and Naimy Hackett, though McShane wrote the lyrics to some of their songs, such as the single "Survivor in Love".
     Baltimora are often considered a one-hit wonder in the United Kingdom and the United States due to the success they experienced with "Tarzan Boy" compared to their other singles. In a lot of other European countries, the group had more success.
     Survivor in Love is the second and final album by pop group Baltimora. The album was only released in select countries, such as Italy, Germany, UK, Japan, and Mexico. It was later re-released in 2003 on CD to many more countries, including the United States and Canada due to the current dance/pop uprise in recent years, as well as for Baltimora fans who hadn't received the original LP in their home countries. The reason the album wasn't released in certain countries in 1987 was due to the poor sales of the singles (except Tarzan Boy) on the group's previous album, Living in the Background.
     "Key Key Karimba", "Global Love" and "Call Me in the Heart of the Night" were released as singles from the album.
     After the release of Survivor in Love, with no label support of a follow up album and due to its poor success, Bassi decided it was time to move onto other projects, and Baltimora disbanded.

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