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Cee Farrow - Red and Blue

Cee Farrow
Red and Blue
New Wave, New Romantic
USA (Born in Germany?)


A1 Don't Ask Why
A2 Heartbreaking Affair
A3 Touched
A4 Wildlife Romance
A5 Distant Picture
B1 Should I Love You
B2 Paint It Blue
B3 Backwards
B4 Lost And Memorized
B5 Think Of Me

This one's a bit of a mystery. Cee Farrow may have been a former model who may have been formerly known as Chris Farrow - problem here is there's not much biographical info about Cee Farrow out there.

     Farrow returned in 1991 with a single called "Imagination", but apparently caused a tiny stir on the dance charts. But he'll be forever known as the guy who did that song you never heard of when someone tells you the title, but when they play it for you, you totally go "OH MY GOD, I REMEMBER THAT SONG!"

"Should I Love You" peaked at #82 on the Billboard Pop Singles Chart and at #91 on the R&B Singles Chart in 1983.

     Christian "Cee" Farrow died in 1995 in West Hollywood California. He had AIDS and died of a brain disease attributed to AIDS. He was married to April La Rue but that marriage really was to help him attain his citizenship in the USA. In the 1980s they worked together on a series of nightclubs the most notorious one probably was "The Apartment" but there were numerous others. He was a regular fixture in the L.A. gay club scene. His battle with HIV was kept super quiet. His death and battle with AIDS/HIV was a surprise to most.

     This bio(?) was compiled from various web sites and forums after a looooooong search.
     I don't really know if any of this is true...

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