quinta-feira, 5 de maio de 2011

Eternal Triangle - Touch and Let Go

Eternal Triangle
Touch and Let Go
New Wave Synthpop


01 - Touch & Let Go
02 - I Need You
03 - Small Town
04 - Nothing But A Friend
05 - Can't Blame Me
06 - Stay With You
07 - Same Mistakes
08 - Only In The Night
09 - Won't Work
10 - It's A Story
11 - Remote Control
12 - Nothing But A Friend (Endless Mix)
13 - Nothing But Nicky
14 - Nothing But A Friend (Single Version)

     Eternal Triangle was an English New Wave band, which included Steve Skolnik, who was previously keyboardist in Fischer-Z. They released a few singles and an album, Touch & Let Go.

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  1. the link is dead... please reupload its a great album.

  2. Hi, this album can re-up please? thank you.

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  4. Hi I Still Waiting for this Gemm can you reupload this again please? thank you very much

  5. If you looking for this great álbum, here is the link, the wait worth it, cheers http://www.4shared.com/rar/MLBQIvr2ce/Eternal_Triangle_-_Touch_and_L.html