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Robbie Nevil - Robbie Nevil

Robbie Nevil
Robbie Nevil
Pop Funk


"Just A Little Closer" 3:58
"Dominoes" 4:46
"Limousines" 3:55
"Back To You" 4:07
"C'est La Vie" 4:29
"Wot's It To Ya" 3:47
"Walk Your Talk" 3:40
"Simple Life (Mambo Luv Thang)" 5:19
"Neighbors" 3:35
"Look Who's Alone Tonight" 4:18

     Robert S. "Robbie" Nevil (born October 2, 1958, Los Angeles, California) is an American pop singer, songwriter, producer and guitarist. He is best known for his 1986 Billboard Hot 100 #2 hit, "C'est La Vie".
     Robbie Nevil is Robbie Nevil's first album, released in 1986. It peaked at #37 on the Billboard 200, remaining on the chart for 46 weeks. The album produced three top-15 pop singles: "C'est La Vie" (#2), Dominoes (#14) and "Wot's It To Ya" (#10).
     Robbie Nevil: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards on Track 4
     Tommy Faragher: Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
     John Van Tongeren: Keyboards, Bass on Track 10
     Judd Lander: Harmonica solo on Track 6
     Boris Williams: Drums), Hi-hat
     Mike Nocito: Cymbal
     Frank Ricotti: Percussion
     Alex Sadkin: Environmental Percussion on Track 4
     Ian Ritchie: Saxophone on Track 5
     Elaine Griffiths, Fiona Griffiths, Carol Kenyon, Chris Thompson, Miriam Stockley, Stevie Lange: Backing Vocals

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