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Scotch - Evolution

Italo Disco Electropop


01 - Primitive Man
02 - Take Me Up
03 - Man In The Man
04 - Born To Kill
05 - Komburn
06 - Delirio Mind
07 - Loving Is Easy
08 - Disco Band
09 - Losing In Time

     The group was created by Manlio Cangelli (composer, keyboard and drum machine programming), then were added Vince Lancini (vocals) and Fabio Margutti (keyboards), joined by Franz Rome (keyboards, programming) for the second album Pictures Of Old Days.
     The band had numerous hits, starting with the worldwide known "Penguin invasion", "Disco Band", then "Delirio Mind" and "Take Me Up". The group's 1985 single "Disco Band" was their major hit in Germany and other countries. In 1985 they released the album "Evolution". Years active 1982–1987.

1985 Evolution
1987 Pictures of old days
     Maxi Singles
1983 Penguins' invasion
1983 Penguins' invasion (Vocal)
1984 Disco band
1984 Disco band (Remix)
1984 Take me up / Man in the man
1985 Delirio mind
1985 Delirio mind (Remix) / Take me up (Remix)
1986 Mirage / Amor por Victoria
1986 Money Runner
1987 Pictures
1987 Man to man

Manlio Cangelli
Vince Lancini
Fabio Margutti
Franz Rome

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  1. nah! that was no good at all! why the fxck do you mix non scratchy CD with scratchy/noisy vinyls!?!?


    and one of the tracks ended suddenly, not as album!