quarta-feira, 18 de maio de 2011

Pop Will Eat Itself - Box Frenzy

Pop Will Eat Itself
Box Frenzy
Industrial Rock Alternative Rock


Grebo Guru
Beaver Patrol
Let's Get Ugly
Inside You
There Is No Love Between Us Anymore
She's Surreal
Intergalactic Love Mission

     Pop Will Eat Itself (also known as PWEI or The Poppies) are an English alternative rock band, originally formed in Stourbridge in 1986, with members from Birmingham, Coventry and the Black Country. Initially known as Grebo gurus, their style changed to incorporate sample driven indie and industrial rock. Their highest charting single was 1993's "Get The Girl! Kill The Baddies!". After initially disbanding in 1996, and having a brief reformation in 2005, they issued their first release in over five years in 2010.

Graham Crabb
Past members
Clint Mansell
Adam Mole
Richard March
Robert "Fuzz" Townshend
Kerry "The Buzzard" Hammond

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