sábado, 18 de junho de 2011

Boys Brigade - Boys Brigade

Boys Brigade
Boys Brigade
New Wave


01 The Passions Of Love
02 Melody
03 Exodus
04 Saigon
05 The Cut-Up (Breaking Glass)
06 Into The Flow
07 Africa
08 Mannequin
09 Anger (The Hunter)

BOYS BRIGADE was a Canadian New Wave band formed back in 1980 in Toronto from the ashes of punk band called ARSON. It started as a four piece band and later on became a six piece band which consisted of MALCOLM BURN (vocalist and keyboardist) , TONY LESTER (guitarist and vocalist) ,WAYNE LORENZ (bass guitar) , BILLIE BROCK (drummer/bu vocals) and DAVID PORTER and JEFF PACKER (percussionists/ bu vocals).

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