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Gene Loves Jezebel - Desire 12''

Gene Loves Jezebel
Desire 12''
Gothic Rock


01. Desire (Extended)
02. Flame
03. The Immigrant

     Loves Jezebel are a gothic rock band from the early 1980s founded by identical twin brothers, Michael and Jay Aston (born John Peter Aston).

     Originally called Slav Aryan, Gene Loves Jezebel began in 1980 with the Aston brothers, guitarist Ian Hudson and a drum machine. The Astons grew up in Porthcawl, Wales, making the move to London in 1981. With a new home, and shortly thereafter, the new name, the trio with bassist Steve Radmall and drummer James Chater (quit Winter 1982/3), played several live shows and were signed by Situation Two. In May 1982, the label released Gene Loves Jezebel's demo single Shaving My Neck. The band then added bassist Julianne Regan followed, briefly, by a keyboardist, Jean-Marc Lederman. Regan left within a year to form All About Eve, leaving Ian Hudson briefly playing bass until Stephen Marshall joined. This line up went on to perform some 100 gigs and recorded the first album Promise, along with their first John Peel Session and the B-side Stephen. Peter Rizzo joined in 1984. Gene Loves Jezebel underwent a dozen or so line up changes between 1981-1985.

Jay Aston's Gene Loves Jezebel:
Jay Aston
James Stevenson
Peter Rizzo
Robert Adam
Chris Bell
Michael Aston's Gene Loves Jezebel:
Michael Aston
Michael Ciravolo
Marcus Gilvear
     Past members
James Chater
Steve Radmall
Richard Hawkins
John Murphy
Joel Patterson
Francois Perez
Ian Hudson
Julianne Regan
Albi DeLuca
Jean-Marc Lederman
Stephen Marshall

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