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Tony Carey - Explorer

Tony Carey
Space Disco Instrumental


01 - Enjaw J
02 - Transit To Nowhere
03 - No.8
04 - Megawar
05 - Queen Of Scots
06 - Blue Fusion
07 - Dynamite
08 - Rabbits
09 - No.14
10 - Yellow Power
Enjaw J (Curt Cress Remix)

     Antony Laurence Carey (born October 16, 1953, Turlock, California) is most recognized as the former keyboardist for the band Rainbow.
     One of Tony's earliest musical experiences was in a band called "Blessings". Tony was in "Blessings" until 1975 when Ritchie Blackmore discovered and hired him as keyboardist of Rainbow. In 1977 after 2 successful years and 2 world tours Tony Carey left Rainbow.
     Since his departure from Rainbow, Tony Carey has maintained an extensive solo career, releasing albums under his own name as well under the moniker of Planet P Project. Beside his own recording career, Tony Carey has been a producer, performer and session musician for numerous acts all over the world.
     With the band Rainbow, Carey appeared on the studio album Rainbow Rising (1976) and on the live albums On Stage (1977) and Live in Germany (1994).
     He had a minor hit in the early 1980s (1982) with "I Won't Be Home Tonight", and then a bigger hit in 1984 with "A Fine, Fine Day", which reached #22 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and #1 on the Top Rock Tracks chart. A follow-up single, "The First Day of Summer", reached #33 on the Hot 100 in July 1984. Both songs are featured on the album, Some Tough City, which hit #60 on the Billboard 200 album chart. Carey opened for Night Ranger on many dates of their 1984 tour in support of this album. His 1985 follow-up album, Blue Highway, did not score a hit.
     Carey also fronted the space / progressive rock group Planet P Project (initially called just Planet P), which served as a vehicle for his solo work. Planet P Project released two albums in the 1980s, Planet P (on Geffen Records) in 1983 and the concept album, Pink World (on MCA Records) in 1984, for which he wrote the lyrics and music, sang the lead vocals, and played most of the instruments. Session performers on lead guitar, saxophones, programming, and drums on some tracks made up the rest of the group. The first album was released on CD in 1992, retitled Planet P Project. Planet P's biggest hit was 'Why Me'. Planet P Project returned 2003-2009 with a trilogy of albums collectively called "Go Out Dancing" (G.O.D.). The albums were "1931" (2003), "Levittown" (2008), and "Out In The Rain" (2009).
     Carey began producing and guesting on many major groups from the US and Europe in the mid 80s. Notables of the many included Jennifer Rush in 1985, John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers - Chicago Line in 1988, keyboards and producer. In 1992 with Joe Cocker - Now That You're Gone, Forest McDonald's Color Blind, and in 2006 from Dire Straits, David Knopfler - Songs For The Siren.
     In 2009, Tony Carey and three other ex-members of Rainbow, Joe Lynn Turner, Bobby Rondinelli and Greg Smith teamed up with Jürgen Blackmore, Ritchie Blackmore's son, to form "Over the Rainbow" to perform Rainbow songs in concerts in Russia and Eastern Europe. Due to illness, however, Tony Carey left Over the Rainbow in the spring of 2009, just prior to the band's live debut at the Sweden Rock Festival, where he was replaced by Paul Morris.
     In 2010 it was announced that Tony Carey had formed a new musical racing project called EBC ROXX with (J.R.) Jürgen Blackmore & Ela. Their first single "Silver wheels" was released in March 2010 and was written as the anthem to accompany the first race of Mercedes Formula 1 pilots Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg this season. The project later announced that a full CD entitled "Winners" would be released on September 20, 2010.

     Tony Carey was diagnosed with a particularly virulent form of cancer in March 2009. He spent twelve weeks in the hospital, underwent five surgeries, and although his odds of survival were only 10 percent, he beat the odds.
     A quote from Tony Carey: "I'm missing some of my organs; you'll be relieved to hear that the Hammond isn't one of them."


1982 In the Absence of the Cat (vinyl only) (Reissued on CD [200 copies only] and mp3 download 2011)
1982 I Won't Be Home Tonight / Self titled (Reissued 1987/2003)
1984 Some Tough City (Reissued 1992/2008)
1985 Blue Highway (Reissued 1992/2008)
1987 Bedtime Story (Soundtrack, Reissued 1996)
1988 Wilder Westen Inclusive (Soundtrack)
1989 For You (with Anne Haigis & Eric Burdon)
1990 Storyville
1992 The Long Road
1993 Rare Tracks
1994 Cold War Kids
1999 The Boystown Tapes (Reissued 2007)
2004 Islands and Deserts
2006 Live in Sweden 2006 - Volume #1
2009 The New Machine (Self released)
2009 Roundup - The Ones That Got Away (Self released)
2009 Live In Sweden 2006 - Volume #2
2009 Christmas Hymns (Self released)
2010 Stanislaus County Kid (Self released)
2011 Stanislaus County Kid, Volume II - Crossing the tracks (Self released)

     Single Releases only
1981 Jamie (Maxi single)
1988 Midnight wind (B track for Whitney Houston's - 'One moment in time' single, from the 1988 summer Olympic album)
1991 Wenn die Liebe geht - That's not love to me (with Ina Morgan)
1994 Route 66 (Rose T.C.)
1995 Birds in cages
2004 Überall du (Dutch version of 'Room with a view' featuring Mo Casal)

1982 Yellow Power (vinyl only)
1982 Explorer (vinyl only)
1982 Heaven (vinyl only)
1982 No Human (vinyl only)
1984 T.C.P. (vinyl only) (Re-released on CD, 2011)
1999 Gefangen im Jemen (4 vocal tracks, mostly instrumental)
2000 Killing me softly / Anna (unauthorized CD/R release)
2006 The Voyager Files

1989 The Story So Far
1993 For You
1997 A Fine, Fine Day
1997 Storyville
2000 Retrospective 1982-1999
2006 The chillout tapes (featuring DJ. Shah) (limited edition release)
2006 Just Ballads
2008 A Lonely Life - The Anthology
2008 Only The Young Die Good
2010 Rewind (limited free download - Slightly different versions of songs taken from, Planet P Project - G.O.D. II & III and Stanislaus County Kid)

     Planet P Project
1983 Planet P Project - Planet P Project (Reissued 2009)
1984 Planet P Project - Pink World (Reissued 2008)
2001 Planet P Project - Go Out Dancing (unauthorized CD/R promo release)
2005 Planet P Project - Go Out Dancing Part 1 "1931"
2008 Planet P Project - Go Out Dancing Part 2 "Levittown"
2009 Planet P Project - Go Out Dancing Part 3 "Out in The Rain"

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