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Sign System - Burning Down

Sign System
Burning Down
Synthpop Italo Disco


01 Man On The Run
02 On Fire
03 Stay With Me
04 Game Of Love
05 You'll Never Change My Mind
06 Unknown Town
07 Burning Down
08 Nobody Knows The Answer
09 Sweet Love
10 Hard Work

Daryl Van Raalte-bass/Michael Adam Admitz-PPG programming/Wolfgang Schlitzer-keyb./Ian Wilson-rhythm guitar, backing vocal/Michael Rolke-sax on track 08/Jürgen Pluta-bass on track 03/All Songs Arranged by Sign System

     The members of Deo weren't profi musicians,all they had civil jobs.Harald Hoffmann was a photographer, Klaus Kranz was electrotechnician, Andreas Pasieka studied social pedagogy and Christoph Aengenheyster studied Latin and Greek.Deo has only one released album.

     They reformed the band in 1984 under a new name,Sign System.The members were the same,but everything else changed around them.Their new label was Bellaphon with a new producer Ian Wilson (produced also Vasco Rossi),the new musical style was Synth-pop, Disco,Italo with english texts only.Their biggest hit was the Secret Service-like "Stay with me" (1984), appeared also on "I love Italo Disco vol.33" .I think the other songs are good too.Nothing punk or new wave,but nice easy-listening songs with typical 80's sound.
     They made only one album.

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