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The Vyllies - Lilith / Sacred Games

The Vyllies
Darkwave Synthpop


Whispers in the Shadow
Seventh Heaven
Bad Trip
The Food Prayer
La Nuit Des Vyllies
Give me a Name
Beautiful Diseases
The Black Raven
Desire (Repetition Desperation)
La Nuit Des Vyllies (instrumental)

The Vyllies
Sacred Games
Darkwave Synthpop


Now We Fall
Playing In The Sand
Silver Promises
The Amazon Archer
The Souls With Doors
Mary's Room
Can You Hear The Witches Laugh?
Is It?
Spiral House

     In the early 1980s, three young women of Lausanne, decided to form a band. This was the beginning of "The Vyllies". In December 1983 they recorded their first five tracks in Athens and published an EP. Only a few copies of this first record found their way into Switzerland , but enough to be detected by various radio stations. Especially the song "Whispers in the Shadow" was played frequently. Several concerts followed, including as the opening act for Minimal Compact , Anne Clark , Sex Gang Children , Les Rita Mitsouko and Gun Club .
     After the positive response to their unique music, the three women were given a recording contract with the Zurich Trade label. More elaborate record production in early 1985 resulted in the mini-LP "Velvet Tales" . The reactions were very positive on the disk and the piece "Ahiah" was heard frequently on various radio stations. In addition, the English TV channel "Music Box" produced a video clip of "Ahiah" in the Zurich Opera House.
     The end of 1985 was the most successful for the group album "Lilith" were produced. Through its worldwide appeal, the British label "Fun After All ' released their records in the United Kingdom , in France , the United States and other countries.
     In early 1987 the release of another album, "Sacred Games". The melodic production on the new album aims for a wider audience. Thus, the follow-up single "Now We Fall" was so far the most commercial piece of "The Vyllies".
     After some concerts in Switzerland in April 1987, the group embarked on a European tour.  During the year 1988, the group disbanded.

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