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Hong Kong Syndikat - Never Too Much

Hong Kong Syndikat
Never Too Much


Too Much 5:32
Flash 5:04
Concrete & Clay 2:37
Rock'N'Roll Has Got To Go 4:37
Girls I Love 4:11
Loosin' Winnin' 3:55
Let's Come Together 4:25
The Birds 5:04

     Hong Kong syndicate was a German pop band of the 1980s.

     In the beginning of the decade, the decorator and disc jockey Bruno Grünberg, a graphic designer Hartmut Möller and Gerd Plez, met in West Berlin and founded Hong Kong syndikat, and received after a short time a record deal and released their debut album First string .
     The first single, Berlin Bleibt Doch Berlin , contains quotations from the former U.S. president Ronald Reagan .While the band on the first record are still predominantly German singing, they recorded the following albums in English, even to orient on the English-speaking market.
     In 1984 gave Hong Kong syndicate their first concert in New York , in August of that year she participated in London, their second album Olympia , which was produced by Rusty Egan, a member of the band Visage .Followed the album Never Too Much in 1985. Were successful - in other European countries - the singles Too Much and Concrete & Clay , the latter a remake of an oldies Unit 4 + 2 .
     In consequence, Hong Kong syndikat is not connected to the successes to date, the album Des Teutons Pas Nippon from 1987 was a flop .Two years later, in 1989, Hong Kong syndikat broke up.

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