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Supersempfft - Metaluna

Space Disco Synthpop


A1 I See Stars
A2 Wutt Wutt
A3 Bubbles + Smoke
A4 Metaluna
A5 The Wrong Song
B1 I Can Sing
B2 Butterfly Baccanal
B3 Farewell Goodbye
B4 Wutt Wutt II
B5 Shine On Me

     Supersempfft (also known as Roboterwerke) were one of the first if not first electronic musicians from Germany, starting back in the late 60's. They went on to release 3 albums in the late 70's, early 80's and were a huge influence on people such as Herbie Hancock, Afrika Bambaataa and even Kraftwerk. The video above and the artwork for the their first 2 LP's follow the adventures of a frog called Supersempfft and his journeys through the universe while high and carrying his little saxophone, AMAZING!

Artwork By [Pictures] – Franz Aumüller
Drums, Percussion – Roboterwerke
Mixed By – Claus Burkard (tracks: A1 to B4), Tammy Grahé* (tracks: B5)
Songwriter, Producer, Lyrics By [Words] – Franz Aumüller
Songwriter, Vocals, Performer [Instruments], Producer, Music By – Dieter Kolb
Vocals – Thommy Runklé (tracks: A5, B2), Toadettes, The (tracks: B1, B2)

Dieter Kolb, Franz Aumüller
Roboterwerke, Wunderwerke

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