sexta-feira, 10 de junho de 2011

Roland Bocquet - Robot Rose-Claviers Synthétiseur

Roland Bocquet
Robot Rose-Claviers Synthétiseur
Space Disco Experimental


A1 Flash
A2 Scoop
A3 Le Flipper Amoureux, Sans Voix
A4 Paradia
A5 Amour 5/5
A6 Robot Rose
B1 Harmonic Terminal
B2 La Marche Des Canards
B3 Epsilove
B4 Le Répondeur Automatik
B5 Digital Vision
B6 Trilogue

     After the group CATHARSIS broke up, its former keyboardist threw himself into the adventure of solo production, managing to avoid the restrictions and pitfalls of the "solo keyboards album" -which is often a pretext for an insipid display of the keyboardist's talent- by inviting excellent musicians to accompany him and by giving free expression to his fabulous talent as an original composer and gifted arranger. This album combines great electronic/experimental /space elements and sometimes touching the pseudo disco sound.An album which is an invitation to travel and to dream.

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