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Shock Headed Peters - Not Born Beautiful

Shock Headed Peters
Not Born Beautiful
Experimental New Wave


01 Say No To Funk
02 Ideal
03 Chalet D'Amour
04 Dog Eat Dog Eat Dog
05 Bad Samaritans
06 Parabola
07 Miserable Worm
08 Mon Repos
09 Wheel In the Bait
10 The Kissing of Gods
     bonus tracks:
11 O.O.M.S.
12 Red Sea Burning Black

     Shock Headed Peters was formed by Karl Blake (after the split of Lemon Kittens and the release of a solo album 'Prehensile Tales'), Lord Ashley Wales and David Cadbury Knight in 1982. They were joined by Mark Rowlatt (Metabolism) and Clive Tigger Glover to make the full first line-up of the band who recorded three EPs , Bloodbrother Be (£4000 Love Letter), The Kissing of Gods and Life Extinguisher and an album Not Born Beautiful. Knight had been in The Fast Set and, with Wales, Five or Six. Before a note of original music was recorded Blake insisted that the band rehearse for a month in Wales basement, playing only covers - in order to create as tight as possible a unit.
     A very diverse album, not really in common with the post-industrial scene showing Karl Blake's fascination of 70's hardrock but taking it to a whole new level.

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