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Wang Chung - Points On The Curve

Wang Chung
Points On The Curve
New Wave


1. Don't Let Go
2. Dance Hall Days
3. Devoted Friends
4. Talk It Out
5. Even If You Dream
6. Don't Be My Enemy
7. Waves
8. Look At Me Now
9. Wait

     Points on the Curve is Wang Chung's second album and first album since changing their name from Huang Chung and switching from Arista to the Geffen record label. It was ranked #30 on The Billboard 200 album charts on July 14, 1984 and features the number 1 dance single "Dance Hall Days" and includes the hit singles: "Don't Let Go", "Don't Be My Enemy", and "Wait".
     The title Points on the Curve is apparently a reference to a chord in geometry. In this case, the chord is a musical chord.
     The group found their greatest success in America, with five Top 40 hits in the US, all charting between 1983 and 1987 (including the #2 hit "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" in 1986). In 1984 their first top 40 hit was "Dance Hall Days". In the summer of 1984 it went to #16. The song "To Live and Die in L.A." nearly reached the top 40 on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1985, and "Let's Go!" went top 10 in 1987.
     The name Wang Chung was summarized by the band early on saying the definition was "perfect pitch" and later, on American Bandstand, they claimed it was the sound a guitar made.

Jack Hues
Nick Feldman
     Past members
Darren Costin
Dave Burnand (a.k.a. Hogg Robinson)

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