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The Flaming Hands - The Flaming Hands

The Flaming Hands
The Flaming Hands
New Wave


01. Real world
02. Break down and cry
03. Out of our hands
04. Wild boy
05. -------
06. New day
07. Cast my love
08. Tunnels and trains
09. The edge
10. Cross my heart

     Sydney's Flaming Hands were an early 80s Australian new wave pop band that recorded some amazing songs. Unfortunately, their output never translated to much more than a cult following, and today there is very little information available on the band.
     Flaming Hands' principal members were singer Julie Mostyn and songwriter/guitarist Jeff Sullivan, who together created something truly special. Sullivan delivered memorable, hook-filled songs that Mostyn made sparkle with her soaring, soulful vocals.
     The band released their first single - I Belong to Nobody / The Stranger - on Phantom Records in 1980. They followed it up with four more singles - Wake Up Screaming / Sweet Revenge, It's Just That I Miss You / Go Or Stay, Cast My Love / Kismet and The Edge / Sacrifice. These singles were marked by an earthier sound than what Flaming Hands would be producing by the time they released their first and only full-length album in 1984. The self-titled LP, which featured Andrew Fariss and Kirk Pengilly from INXS, is enjoyable but relies a bit too heavily on synths.
     Unfortunately, the LP failed to get them the recognition they deserved, and Flaming Hands called it quits shortly after its release.

     Track 5 is missing, but I´ll try to find it. I posted it anyway, because it's a great album. When the album's complete I'll reupload it.

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