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Masquerade - The Sound Of Masquerade

The Sound Of Masquerade
England / Germany


1. Prologue
2. Guardian Angel
3. Love Hurts
4. Deep Under My Skin
5. Everyday Loser
6. The Morning after the Night Before
7. Jet Set Age
8. Summer's Over
9. Lay Your Head on My Shoulder
10. Epilogue

     In one side Drafi Deutscher was famous for his German "schlager" style and in other side Chris Evans rather involved in synth-pop, new age and italo disco in his carreer.(He was behind "italo-disco king" Mike Mareen's first 1985 album as co-composer and keyboarder.)
     The result of their joint effort is a cosy, catchy sunshine music with some hits, the most known are "Guardian Angel" and "Everyday Loser".
     Perhaps the best work they have ever done together. Chris Evans' style more dominates here, he had much more freedom than in other cases. Though Evans and Deutscher several times helped each other since the middle of 70's, Masquerade was their only official band.

A rare and must have album for the collectors!

Drafi Deutscher & Chris Evans

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