quarta-feira, 29 de junho de 2011

Opéra De Nuit - Amour Noir 12''

Opéra De Nuit
Amour Noir 12''


A Amour Noir 5:49
B1 Karen Lloyd 3:55
B2 Hors De Temps 4:17

     Opéra De Nuit are another classic French coldwave act whose discography consists of one self-titled LP and two 12'' singles.

     The four piece outfit formed in Valréas, France in 1982 and disbanded soon after releasing their seminal s/t record in 1988, enjoying a fair amount of hometown success in the meanwhile. The track "Ami-Amant" (featuring haunting female vocal contributions and driving synth/bass grooves) became a dance floor staple and has been included on the Transmission 81-89:The French Cold Wave compilation that Infrastition put out in 2005, responsible for many a Coldwave band's second coming.

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