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Koo De Tah - Koo De Tah

Koo De Tah
Koo De Tah
Australia / New Zealand


01 Too Young For Promises
02 Think Of Me
03 Missed You All Along
04 Over To You
05 Body Talk
06 Change My Ways
07 Meant To Be
08 Fun Girl
09 Drift Away (Don't Let It)
10 Into The Future

     Koo De Tah was a New Zealand/Australian pop music band of the 1980s. The core band members were Tina Cross (a native of New Zealand) and Leon Berger (Australian), who met in Sydney.
     They scored a hit in 1985 with their first single Too Young For Promises, which reached number 6 in the Australian charts and number 48 in New Zealand.
     self-titled debut album was released in 1986.

Tina Cross - vocals
Leon Berger - keyboards, programming, bass, vocals
John Bettison - guitars, violin
Capree Morris - keyboards
Roger Faynes - bass
Peter Radnai - drums


Koo De Tah (1986)
Too Young For Promises/Dancing (Towards The Stranger) (1985)
Body Talk/My Eyes Are Shut (1985)
Think Of Me/Love 'Em Never (1986)
Missed You All Along/Change My Ways (1986)
Too Young (To Know) /? (1988) (possibly a re-recording of Too Young For Promises)

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