quinta-feira, 23 de junho de 2011

Michael Bundt - Electri City

Michael Bundt
Electri City
Experimental Space Disco


A1   Full Steam Ahead (5:19)
A2   Lunatic Love Song (4:51)
A3   Terrania (Electri City) (4:00)
A4   Android's Wedding (6:20)
B1   The March Of The Martians (9:00)
B2   Metagony (3:23)
B3   The Tower Of Osc. (7:22)

     After spending some time with Peter Seiler in a duo called "Sirius", Michael Bundt (ex-Medusa) went on to record several solo electronic works that resembled both the space majesty of early Jean Michel Jarre and the quirky krautrockish kinetics of Moebius & Plank. The first album is known to feature old friend Peter Seiler.
     Living in Weinheim in the early 70s Germany, Michael Bundt used to play the bass with several bands as Nine Days Wonder on We Never Lost Control and Only the Dancers, Wintergarden on Wintergarden III, Medusa on a CBS single, and German Band called Nerve. In the mid 70s he decided to play solo and released 3 LPs, Just Landed Cosmic Kid, Neon, and Electri City, whereof "The Brain of Oskar Panizza" is still used in many club mixes (Our friend Pilooski made a terrific edit of this track!)
     Today Michael works as composer and producer of several bands and albums as Tritonus on Between the Universes. He lives in Mannheim, Germany and produces a jazz singer named Silke Hauck.

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