quinta-feira, 30 de junho de 2011

Sleep Chamber - Musik For Mannequins (Cassette)

Sleep Chamber
Musik For Mannequins (Cassette)
Experimental EBM


A1 Victmm
A2 Jungle Disease
A3 The Lantern
A4 A Distant Cry
A5 Conversations In Between Walls
B1 Left Side Of The Tomb
B2 Twenty Three
B3 The Last Fantasy
B4 Rite To Death

     Sleep Chamber is an American Industrial band fronted by John Zewizz. The band is known for using S&M, Bondage and Magick imagery on their art work, during their performances, and within their lyrics. Formed in 1981 by high school friends John Zewizz, Eugine Difrancisco, and Phil Brosseau. Over the years the Sleep Chamber line up has changed many times with John Zewizz being the sole permanent member. Previous members of Sleep Chamber have included, Thomas Thorn, Michael Moynihan, Jonathan Briley and Elaine Walker. Since the beginning John Zewizz has stated that the constant line up change is because Sleep Chamber is not a "band", but rather a "concept".
     From 1982 to 1999 Sleep Chamber put out a considerable volume of music (releasing over 70 recordings, and participating in over 35 various artists releases). After a extended absence, Sleep Chamber returned in 2008 with a new line up, a slew of new releases, and a new name, SLEEPCHAMBER.

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